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-B.S. Kinesiology, Exercise Science
-NASM Certified Personal trainer
-American Red Cross - Basic Life Support for Healthcare providers
-American Red Cross – Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Certified

By growing up in a family that bonded over sports, I have always identified myself as an athlete  through my time playing soccer from youth to collegiate level in addition to competing in Olympic weightlifting. With my sports experience, I have learned insight into how specific body movements affect overall athletic performance and I have also learned how to reap the many benefits of exercise programs and nutrition practices that optimize performance. I am able to  identify imbalances and use corrective exercises in order to prevent injury and to improve  functional movement. With the use of explosive resistance movements, agility/speed/quickness training, plyometrics, and flexibility practices, I can give athletes the competitive edge they need  to compete at a higher level. Furthermore, I have the same enthusiasm for working with my non-  athlete clients. To be part of someone's fitness journey is not only to help them achieve their fitness goals but to also help them increase confidence and quality of life, and to me, that is one  of the most rewarding aspects of the job. With my background in sports, physical therapy 
experience, and my certifications, I am positive that I can help you increase your athletic  performance to get you to the next level or to assist you in starting your fitness journey. 

Specialty: athletic performance, general health and fitness
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